2018 Sessions

Breaking Through the Digital Deadlock

Presented by: Bill Keyworth

The strategic priorities of digital transformation are evolving quickly. Big bets are being placed; unusual techniques are being applied and new bars are being established. Yet enterprises worldwide are facing a “Digital Deadlock.” As the digital strategy directly drives the IT strategy, it is critical for CIOs to recalibrate their IT organization and capabilities for the digital strategy. During this session, Mr. Keyworth will quantitatively validate the new IT metrics, platforms and roadmaps needed for digital transformation.

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Moving to Enterprise Security Risk Management

Presented by: Tim McCreight

We’ve traditionally looked at security as a series of tasks. Tasks we conducted to “secure” our operations, our facilities, our employees. But we haven’t been as successful as we thought we should because we haven’t focused on risk. What if we looked at security as a risk based profession, enabling organizations to achieve success by focusing on risk. Tim McCreight has spent over thirty years in the security industry, and has changed his perspective to risk based security, employing the principles of Enterprise Security Risk Management. Hear how Tim learned from his mistakes throughout his career to achieve success following ESRM principles and frameworks!

Contracting & Delivering Agile at Enterprise Scale

Presented by: John Belden

While most companies are moving from ‘waterfall’ to ‘agile’, most of the education to large companies comes from their Systems Integrator (SI).  But these projects tend to favor the SI because they entail keeping the agreements open-ended in terms of time and materials, instead of allowing for a fixed price.This means that a company really doesn’t know when the project is going to end, and they often forfeit large-deal price leverage.
Implementing agile at global scale introduces new challenges – team sizes are often in the hundreds, implementations are global, compliance is life critical, and the domain is very complex.  The larger the project, the greater the risk and need for oversight and constant involvement.  When the project is so long, its benefits are often not realized quickly.
This talk will explore:
 Risks and uncertainties associated with agile at scale 
 Specific risk mitigation techniques 
 Methods to contractually transfer risk to providers

Incident Response- getting the CIO and CISO talking the same language

Presented by: David Sheidlower

IT and Security need to cooperate on incident response and that begins with a shared vocabulary for incidents. For example, a CISO’s definition of an incident is usually not the same as the ITIL definition. Security may classify incidents in terms of risk whereas IT may classify them based on SLA’s. In this breakout we will walk through the steps for security incident response and discuss the features of a robust incident response program including documentation, the formation of the incident response team and root cause analysis.

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Presented by: John Herdman

In this riveting presentation, John Herdman shares his performance-improvement philosophies, including leadership and motivation, going outside one’s comfort zone, reaching for the top, and, most importantly, crafting and leading a high-performance culture.
Providing instantly useable takeaways, including visualization techniques and goal setting strategies, Herdman’s talk is guaranteed to inspire and transform.