Digital Leaders: Creating the Digital Business

The CIO Peer Forum is the association’s annual conference for its members, their guests, and other qualified senior IT leaders. The goal of this event is to provide a platform enabling our members and sponsors to share information, knowledge exchange and networking.  As co-chairs of the 2017 CIO Peer Forum (tm) we are pleased to present a theme that we believe represents where CIOs are placing their focus.  The digitization of business has many facets and exciting challenges.

As business leaders turn their focus to digital transformation strategies, CIOs must be poised to remain major players in leading the business through this shift. Is there a more compelling term in today’s business than digital transformation?  Given the high stakes involved, probably not.
From disruptive new business models, defining and delivering which digital elements to add to the customer experience or transformation of internal processes, digital leaders will be called on to be an integral part of transforming their business.  CIOs must be at the centre of a collaborative network in order to inspire continuous innovation. As a result, the KPIs they are measuring will change.
Is your budget tied to progress?  How will you build a business case and quantify ROI?  What issues are you solving and how will you convince senior management? According to McKinsey, less than 15 percent of companies can quantify the return on investment of their digital initiatives.  
This new vision can require different people to create it.  The resources you need to drive the digital agenda may not reside in your team or on your board.  Are you ready to make tough choices about your team?  
Digitalization is no longer a distraction — it has moved to center stage and is changing the entire game. The CIO Peer Forum will address topics designed to help digital leaders learn practical skills to enable them deliver on the digital promise.
We are anticipating strong attendance at the 2017 event from across the country. We hope you will recognize the 2017 CIO Peer Forum as an excellent opportunity to connect with your peers, build new relationships, and take back actionable learnings.

There are also opportunities to participate.  Perhaps you want to join our line up of speakers or become a sponsor of the event.

We look forward to seeing you in Edmonton!

Shaun Guthrie

Director, Information Technology
Go Auto

Chair, 2017 CIO Peer Forum