Digital Business, Seize the Opportunity

Digital Business, Seize the Opportunity

Presented by: Ken McGee, VP & Gartner Fellow, Gartner

Digital business is shifting from a future strategic vision by IT leaders and digital leaders to providing a real competitive edge today.  It's about connected things.  Or, as Gartner research puts it, the Digital Industrial Revolution is about a new and disruptive world of connecting people, business and things.  When billions of things are connected to the Internet and each other, completely new scenarios for businesses — and your lifestyle — become possible.  Today, many of our activities, and interactions depend on the connection of our devices to other devices, to the Internet, to businesses, and to people.  Gartner, Inc. forecasts that 6.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2016, up 30 percent from 2015, and will reach 20.8 billion by 2020. In 2016, 5.5 million new things will get connected every day.

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An Executive Viewpoint on Mobile Security

BREAKOUT: An Executive Viewpoint on Mobile Security:  From Vulnerable to Secure, Executive Strategies to Mitigate Mobile Security Threats.

Presented by: Kurt Roemer - Chief Security Strategist, Citrix Systems

Join Chief Security Strategist Kurt Roemer for an in depth look at mobile security and strategy. This session will encompass how mobility can drive greater innovation and growth and what solutions are required to build a comprehensive secure mobility strategy and policy.

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Don't Be Left Behind

BREAKOUT: Don’t be left behind: What CIOs must know about Digital Transformation

Presented by: Steve Fast – Vice President, Managed IT Services & Client Operations, TELUS

Disruption is exponentially accelerating in the digital economy, driving the need for transformation. Entire industries are being reshaped as advancements in mobility, big data and the Internet of Things – all powered by cloud – have forced traditional thinking to evolve and changed the way we do business. This is not a phase, but a new business reality that CIOs must adapt to or be left behind. 

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Organizational Savvy for CIO's

Organizational Savvy for CIO's: Navigating the Enterprise's Politics and Power Dynamics
Presented by: Rick Brandon, President and CEO, Brandon Partners
CIOs are playing an ever increasing role in enabling growth of their enterprises. With success, advancement, and new challenges come political traps, setbacks and power dynamics that create the need the need for the competency of Organizational Savvy. Agile leaders understand unwritten rules, read power dynamics, network effectively, manage impressions, promote their function's contribution, enhance their positive power image, and ethically lobby stakeholders, and detect deception. 

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Digital Business - The Canadian Tire Digital Innovation Journey

Digital Business - The Canadian Tire Digital Innovation Journey 

Presented by: Eugene Roman, Chief Technology Officer, Canadian Tire Group of Companies

How do you take a traditional bricks and mortar retail business and transform it to leverage e-commerce and social media?  Eugene Roman will share key points of the Canadian Tire Digital Innovation journey and how this positions them to create opportunities for new revenue streams.

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Powerful Digital Business Innovations

WORKSHOP 1: How to Find the Most Powerful Digital Business Innovations for Your Business

Presented by: Robert Dreyer, Executive Partner, Gartner Canada and Olivier Erhard, Executive Partner, Gartner Canada

Digitalization of business is exciting and terrifying at the same time. Technology startups are threatening and disrupting traditional business models. Organizations are exploiting digital opportunities to improve operational performance, know their customers more intimately, extend their reach, invent new revenue models and create new products and services.

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CIO's Guide to Avoiding "Go Live" Nightmares

WORKSHOP 2: CIO's Guide to Avoiding "Go Live" Nightmares

Presented by: 

Michael Aldor, Senior Manager, Technology Consulting, MNP LLP
Andre Buisse, Senior Manager, Technology Consulting, MNP LLP
Scott Greenlay, National Director, Technology Consulting, MNP LLP

The “Go Live” experience poses a new set of risks to CIOs and their teams who are making the shift from traditional on-premise, internally facing systems to modern customer facing, browser-based and mobile-capable solutions where IT departments are now dependent on multiple 3rd parties to develop, deploy, and sustain the solutions. With recent high-profile technology roll-out nightmares such as the Royal Bank's recent RRSP statement privacy breach, the U.S. Federal Government's making international headlines and so many more that go unreported, the new complexity of technology projects has introduced new worries and risks to organizations, their CIOs and their IT departments.

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Knowing Your "Buzz"

WORKSHOP 3: Knowing Your "Buzz," Altering Perceptions, and Enhancing Your Power Image
Presented by: Rick Brandon, President and CEO, Brandon Partners
Under-political CIO's mistakenly under-estimate power and politics dynamics in their organizations, and become marginalized by refusing to manage negative perceptions of themselves and their teams. This mini-workshop will surface the importance of discerning perceptions–– the good, bad, and the ugly, whether fair or not–– and teach practical tactics for altering perceptions that are diminishing your influence and impact, approval of your ideas, and your career.

Command Your Brand (tm)

WORKSHOP 4: Command Your Brand (tm): Differentiating Yourself in a HIhgly Commoditized World

Presented by: JD Gershbein, CEO, Owlish Communications

In business today, the goal is to become not just memorable, but indelible. When leveraged properly, LinkedIn can energize and elevate your personal brand, frame you as a thought leader, and enable you to generate business opportunities that might otherwise not exist. 
Successful use of LinkedIn comes down to representing well, connecting with the right people, and applying business information gleaned on the site to real -world scenarios. The challenge lies in crafting a remarkable, high-impact LinkedIn profile that gets you found and positions you as the logical choice to sell the product, provide the service, or get the offer. 
During this informative and thought-provoking session, JD Gershbein will provide a 360-degree overview of LinkedIn best practices, and shed light on the specific LinkedIn activities, techniques, and strategies that build brand, promote connectivity, and drive real world business results. 
Specific topics include: 
♦ How to capture, convey, and amplify your personal brand on LinkedIn 
♦ How to position your LinkedIn profile for maximum impact 
♦ How to create a LinkedIn company page that drives engagement 
♦ How to form a cohesive, tightly-knit professional network on LinkedIn 
♦ How to gain quality introductions and cultivate new streams of referrals 
♦ How to generate and qualify leads in the LinkedIn groups 
♦ How to boost trust and credibility through LinkedIn recommendations 
♦ How to manage your time effectively in using LinkedIn 
♦ How to incrementally build a LinkedIn approach that works 
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CIO / CEO Alignment & Innovation

WORKSHOP 5: CIO / CEO Alignment & Innovation

Presented by: Eric WrightSVP CIO Practice, Info-Tech Research Group

According to Info-Tech’s own research, 67% of CEOs & CIOs are misaligned on how IT should be enabling the business. With the dramatic increase in digital technology & the business’s appetite to understand and enable their own innovations through technology, CIOs are challenged with the need to rapidly understand business inputs, stakeholder satisfaction, and assess their own teams internal capabilities. IT needs a plan to get on the same page as the CEO, without this it is difficult to plan and align IT resources to meet the future needs of the organization.  We will work through how to identify corporate objectives, understand which stakeholders align with each objective and create a plan for IT initiatives in support of key objective.

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Savvy Communication

WORKSHOP 6: Savvy Communication for Firmly and Tactfully Presenting and Challenging Ideas

Presented by: Rick Brandon, President and CEO, Brandon Partners

Under-political CIO's mistakenly under-estimate power and politics dynamics in their organizations, and muffle their impact marginalized by only focusing on interpersonal communication skills rahter than also factoring in dynamics of power and politics. This fast-paced, high-energy mini-workshop will help you better lobby stakeholders, sell ideas to decision-makers in the C-suite and beyond, and disagree or challenge ideas–– even with ego-driven seniors.

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