Presented by: Bill Keyworth

As enterprises (and their CIOs & IT organizations) struggle with timely responses to new, accelerating digital competency requirements, the need for speed in creating digital capabilities has become critical. Digital Transformation is a team sport. Now is not the time to divide IT, but unify and leverage everyone in the face of new business and technical challenges. Many have experimented with two-speed, bimodal approaches and found them insufficient; at best, they drive CIOs to compound technical debt that will bankrupt the IT organization and hamstring the enterprise down the road. 
IDC’s quantifiable research identifies the priorities and best practices now being deployed by ‘thriving” IT organizations …and how these IT executives are actually transforming their business and becoming more cohesive, consistent and effective in delivering a new approach to IT leadership.  Bill Keyworth, IDC’s VP Research (Global) explains how the Leading in 3-D leadership model equips CIOs and their teams to simultaneously:
· Innovate within a cross-functional partnership to create digital innovation
· Integrate new technology platforms into stable, scaled, business services
· Incorporate new skills, techniques and culture into the existing fabric of the broader, at-scale enterprise


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