KEYNOTE: Leading IT transformation into an Industry Disruption

Jay Vijayan is the Founder and CEO of a stealth startup company.

Prior to this Jay was the CIO of Tesla Motors for 4 years, where Jay was responsible for all of Tesla's Information Systems including applications, infrastructure, network, operations and security. Jay led the transformation of Tesla's Digital and Information Systems during the company’s very critical growth and extremely high ramp-up phase, from the time when the company had nearly no revenue through the growth to an annual revenue run rate of over 5 Billion dollars with a market capitalization of over 35 Billion dollars. During the period Jay and his team laid the foundation systems architecture and built all the core customer and corporate applications and systems infrastructure for Tesla, ground-up. In this process Jay and his team had built several best in class systems including Tesla's e-Commerce, ERP, Service and Logistics systems that are simple, agile, flexible and custom fit to Tesla's needs and a global organization to support it. 

Before joining Tesla Jay was heading the IT Business Applications organization for VMware. In that capacity, Jay led the Applications Development of all business applications for VMware during a period of dramatic growth for the company, as it jumped from 700 million to close to 4 billion in annual revenue during the period between 2007 and 2012. 

Prior to his time at VMware, Jay held a variety of Engineering and Applications Management positions at Oracle from 1999 to 2007.

Jay is experienced in successfully running large collaborative customer focused technology organizations for global fortune 500 companies and fast paced dynamically growing companies, transforming, digitizing and enabling the core business and bringing operational efficiency.


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