Keynote: Augmenting the World through Artificial Intelligence 

Tanmay Bakshi |Keynote & TEDx speaker, Algorithmist, Author, Watson & Cognitive Developer, YouTuber, IBM

Tanmay Bakshi, 14, began coding at the age of five and today he builds applications engineered to augment human capabilities. He is a neural-network architect, author, algorithm-ist, TED speaker, IBM Champion & Honorary Cloud Advisor, and also the host of an IBM Facebook Live Series called Watson Made Simple with Tanmay. His passion for learning and sharing through his YouTube channel, books, and other media has taught him how to best utilize and apply cognitive computing in fields ranging from healthcare and medicine to education and chatbots. Tanmay is currently working to achieve his goal of inspiring and training 100,000 kids and novice developers to help them create their own solutions and innovate along their journey towards coding. He is also developing a unique system for those with Rett Syndrome so they can "speak" through the detection and interpretation of EEG signals analyzed by cognitive systems. His inclination towards the field of healthcare further drove him to work in the field of mental health. He's developing a Machine Learning based system that can be used to diagnose depression in the youth at an early stage, with an end goal to reduce teen suicide.