What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There!

The CIO Peer Forum is a unique opportunity – an annual opportunity to learn new leadership approaches, and network with your peers in ways that will challenge you - that will enable you to manage the rapidly changing landscape more effectively.

IT as merely a trusted operator is no longer sufficient; organizations are looking for IT to be change agents, business partners, and ultimately, innovators. Rather then being reactive to the business strategy, the new mandate of the CIO is to get ahead of business strategy, to identify how emerging technology and trends will affect the business model, and to leverage or develop these technologies to create new markets and competitive differentiators to drive bottom line results. 

So, how do we move from being order takers to business enablers pulling the business forward and predicting what comes next?  Changing the role of IT, and changing our colleagues’ perspectives of what IT can and will do for business, will require that traditional models be abandoned or changed and a new progressive way of thinking be adopted.  We have to be truly fused with the business and make our CEOs and boards realize that they need IT to be at the helm, or risk being swamped by the tidal wave of digital disruption.

The CIO role has great visibility across most organizations, and is uniquely positioned to lead digital business strategies. However, it might be time for a check-up. Is your IT strategy constrained by the overall business strategy?  Is it 5 – 10 years old?  How do you get ahead of the strategy to create innovation through new technologies that can drive a competitive business advantage and respond to customer demands?

Large scale hacking and ransomware have upped the ante on cyber security. Prevention requires that knowledge of the risks and training in best practices become part of the company culture.  All business leaders need to understand the dangers of ignoring the need for diligence in security practice.

Many IT leaders grapple with recruiting and retaining the new generation of IT professionals.  Often we are faced with legacy employees whose traditional approaches smother fresh ideas brought forward by newer hires.  How do we create and sustain a culture that allows for innovation and new strategies?

So what skills does the successful IT leader need to possess?  Core technology skills are necessary but not sufficient.  We need strong business acumen, the ability to engage, develop and retain our employees, understanding of organizational design and culture, and the knowledge of how to articulate and define business value. Then we need to know how all this helps to drive corporate strategic goals.

Join us in Vancouver at the 2018 CIO Peer ForumTM to gain the knowledge and insight to take your Senior IT Leadership role to the next level!

There are also opportunities to participate.  Perhaps you want to join our line up of speakers or become a sponsor.

We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver!
 Gary Munro

 Manager, Information Technology
  City of North Vancouver

 CoChair, 2018 CIO Peer Forum
 Dean Doige

 Clark Builders
 CoChair, 2018 CIO Peer Forum