Presented by Abbie Lundberg, President, Lundberg Media

The impact of digitization on business is both profound and widespread. It’s increasingly on the agendas of boards of directors and executive committees, and it’s turning the relationship between companies and their customers on its head. Technology is both the instigator of and the vehicle to manage significant disruption, changing the way companies engage with and understand customers, how they operate, and their very business models.

In this session, Abbie Lundberg will share highlights from recent research conducted at both MIT CISR and HBR Analytic Services that explores the nature of digital leadership from the board to the C suite and into the lines of business. She’ll then lead a discussion with delegates about a changing mandate for IT and the CIO role. 

Key Take-Aways:

How do you create an online experience that customers love?  Confluence of mobile, cloud and analytics are transforming business models.  CIOs are well positioned to lead digital transformation.  
Digital transformation requires:
1) Responsive IT
    -simplify, automate, offload
2) Business/IT Partnerships
    -business and IT must be connected at many levels
3) CIO leadership
    -focus on innovation