Presented by: Steve Cadigan, Founder, Cadigan Talent Ventures

While corporate focus has been on how tech advancements have contributed to productivity and profitability, significantly overlooked in this wave change are the massive cultural and leadership implications of all of this.  Finding the right cadence and organizational growth priorities are paramount to the successful CIO. One of the best recent examples of a company that scaled quickly and thrived in this new transparent reality is LinkedIn, and a primary factor in this success was the establishment of a culture that became a competitive advantage as the company grew 700% between 2009 and 2012. Steve Cadigan led the Talent Organization during this period of massive growth and set the standard for how companies can successfully scale during hyper-growth.  In this session, Steve will bring his insights from experiences in Silicon Valley and LinkedIn to offer insights for CIO’s on how to excel in an era where speed and scale matter more than ever.

Key Take-Aways:

What is the biggest driver of value creation? People. As we transition into a new reality, companies need to adopt different leadership strategies to attract and retain talent in the digital world. Steven weaves in insights from his time in Silicon Valley and LinkedIn to stress the importance of understanding how information overload, transparency, iteration and agility, and digital seduction affect the workplace. Talent strategy is about listening and building genuine working relationships with your team because at the end of the day, people are now joining a boss and not a company.