Presented by: Dan Pontefract, Chief Envisioner, Telus

An organization’s operating culture is constructed through conversation and circumstance, supported by relationships and trusted networks. It can be augmented with collaboration technologies that encourage people to surface experiences and ideas across locations, internal systems, and topics. Information and insights scale through integrated platforms, systemic leadership traits and iterative approaches. It's time for both leaders and employees to become collaborative, both in terms of the technology and the behaviour. It’s time for new and open leadership that uses technology not because it’s cool, but because it fosters a cultural competitive advantage.

Key Take-Aways:

Do you know the cost of disengagement and its impact to your bottom line? Satisfied employees translates into satisfied customers.  Culture can self-propel or self destruct.  Culture is your competitive edge!  CIOs can aid and abet engagement.   Telus has leveraged collaboration technologies to raise employee engagement score from 53% to 83%.