Presented by: Tina Nunno, Vice President & Gartner Fellow, Gartner

Are you predator or prey? This session, based on the recently released book of the same title, is based on the premise that CIOs are often in extreme situations, where normal management techniques simply will not work. IT is increasingly under pressure to drive business value and help the enterprise create competitive advantage, while dealing with increasing digital risks and challenges. Such an environment can drive enterprises to the “dark side”. By becoming a “Machiavellian Wolf” CIOs can shift from service provider to partner and leader, and to bring the enterprises back into the light. Attendees are encouraged to take the Wolf Quiz before the session at and find out their Extreme Animal Profile.

Key Take-Aways:

Here’s a scenario where “wolf” tactics may apply….You: "We don't have the resources or the budget right now, so we should wait" Them: "Make it happen." This is a situation many of us are all too familiar with - it’s about power, influence and politics.   What should you do when faced with a situation where traditional management techniques do not work? Tina walks through the difference between the "light" and "dark" side of leadership traits and how good leaders have to be ready to go to the extremes. She argues that choosing the middle ground often leaves leaders more vulnerable and that people do not like working for someone who is perceived to have no power since they cannot be protected. She then walks through the different Extreme Animal profiles and how their approach to power, manipulation, and warfare can help CIOs lead their teams to success by allowing them to adjust their leadership styles in extreme situations .