Presented by: Dr. Michael Parent, Simon Fraser University 

For many companies, information technologies (IT) remain their single-largest capital investment – often exceeding investments in property, plant and equipment – combined!  As a result, IT tends to span the organization, cross functions, and fundamentally affect the way the enterprise operates. But you already know this…

One of the main challenges facing today’s CIO is Board and Director engagement. How can you ensure your projects and priorities receive enough attention from the Board, and in turn, how can the Board have comfort with its oversight of IT-related issues. After all, most IT investment decisions that go to the Board for approval have an enterprise-wide impact, and concomitant risk. How do you ensure your Directors appreciate this risk-benefit trade-off?

After all, no one likes surprises…especially bad ones.

This interactive session will focus on the role of the Board with respect to IT-led business transformation decisions; the role and responsibilities of Directors as they pertain to making such decisions; to protecting them once they have been implemented; and to how CIOs can successfully create and manage constructive relationships with their Boards.

Specifically, we will seek to answer three key questions:

  1. How can tomorrow’s CIO build and sustain a successful, constructive relationship with the Board and Lead Director(s)?
  2. What do Directors, in turn, expect from CIOs.
  3. What should you, the CIOs expect from your Boards?

Constructive understanding of how information technologies should be overseen; the questions Directors and CIOs should ask of each other; the answers they should expect to receive; and how the CIO can educate the Board on an ongoing basis with respect to IT-led enterprise risks and opportunities.

Key Take-Aways:

Michael Parent, Professor, Management and Director, Governance and Security at SFU, urged CIOs to be explicit, incisive and consistent in communicating all elements of “LTSCDA” to their boards on each and every IT initiative. LTSCDA is Long-Term Sustainable Competitively Differentiated Advantage. Tying IT investments to business value and risk is critical.