Presented by: Adam McCormac, Executive Programs, Gartner; Jeff Wyton, Executive Partner, Gartner

Many organizations are looking at ways in which it can transform itself in the new digital economy. Furthermore, the leaders within the enterprise need to be  visionary, Leader and head coach of a well tuned, High Performing Team in an area of great fluidity. This workshop will focus on the role of the CIO and the key components required to deliver results at scale and at speed.

Key Take-Aways:

CIOs need to identify and develop strategies to meet the challenges of leading transformational change. (some bits deleted here). Resistance to change can come from many (factors) sources, and the resistance may be rational, personal, or emotional. Adam and Jeff introduce tactics such as identifying your personal brand and completing the Johari Window exercise with teams to build trust. Other important factors include being seen, producing results, being consistent, and having clear communication.