Presented by: Brian Baker, Advisor, CIO, Forrester

This session will synthesize crucial digital business and technology trends and highlight the most likely social, government, and market outcomes. Including what the CIO's role is in digital disruption.

Key Take-Aways:

Brian Baker of Forrester explained that no industry is immune from digital disruption, and all need much more than bolt-on technology to address it. It requires organizational transformation. Why start your digital strategy now? Because if you don’t do it, somebody else will! Drivers for CIOs are no longer about reducing cost, (with a few exceptions) but about growing revenues and helping to grow the customer base. Baker cited examples of change drivers from the retail industry, where customers now have easy access to online comparison data, and their loyalties can switch rapidly based on such things as delivery and return policies. Other industry examples cited were from fashion and high-tech aircraft. Recommendations: Start building your digital strategy with a SWOT analysis; map your digital capabilities and industry maturity; lay out specific steps for amelioration.