Presented by: Scott Greenlay, National Director Technology Consulting, MNP

Today, more than ever before, technology IS everywhere. In the past, the CIO was charged with looking after a fairly well-defined "stable" of technology. Today, primarily as a result of massive consumerization, all that has changed. Today's typical high school and university graduate comes to the workplace with more computing power and tools at their fingertips than the mainframe of 20 years ago. The Cloud has opened-up free – or near free – available on-demand applications at a rate never before seen. As a result, today’s CIO is faced with a dilemma: How does the IT department stay relevant?

This light-hearted session will strive to discuss and share ideas on how to address the challenge to increase IT's value to the organizations we serve. Through insights and stories, some humorous, Scott will share observations and ideas gained through working with some Canada's largest firms as a consultant as well as his own personal journey as a CIO. This session will touch on themes ranging from disruption, customer service, innovation, technology governance and the unique challenges of technology human resources. The goal for the session will be to help stimulate your own thoughts about how to increase the value of your own team to your organization. 

Key Take-Aways:

Core competencies identification is very important in every company. It becomes even more important when a company is taking the decision as to which services to outsource to the cloud. A few analytical matrices were discussed for strategic analysis. In the PPT (people, process, technology) model, people and processes are becoming more important than technology. SFIA framework reference was made that categorizes ninety six different IT professions into six broad categories. This framework helps in identifying which skill sets are required for each profession for talent services. The ADKAR change management model was also discussed.