April 20 2016

Accelerating Transformation & Innovation . . . With Data

Presented by: Eric WrightSVP Operations, Info-Tech Research Group

Despite a global IT spend of over $4 Trillion, 67% of CEOs & CIOs are misaligned on how IT should be enabling the business*.. With the dramatic increase in digital technology & the business’s appetite to understand and enable their own innovations through technology, CIOs are challenged with the need to rapidly understand business inputs, stakeholder satisfaction, and assess their own teams internal capabilities.

Career Shifts Showcase

Presented by: Fariba Anderson and Dean Doige, Humza Teherany

Is reaching a CIO position the final goal of our careers? How do we move beyond the boundary created by this title? Or does CIO also stand for Career Is Over?  This session showcases examples of former CIOs who leveraged their success in IT to propel them to other C-level roles. They will share their experiences and how they were able to transcend and evolve their careers.

Changing Role of the CIO

Presented by: Rob Meikle, CIO, City of Toronto

With the consumerization of technology and its ubiquity in the workplace, CIOs can look at this as a challenge or an opportunity. The challenge is that everyone now thinks they're a technology guru. The opportunity is for CIOs to leverage their deep knowledge of technology and explore the art of the possible. They can, indeed must, choose to engage more with their business partners and lead the innovation efforts in their companies to improve the customer engagement experience and drive growth. Find out how Rob is seizing this opportunity at the City of Toronto with citizens as customers. 

How to Evolve

BREAKOUT: How to Evolve and Adapt the CIO Organizations During These Disruptive Times

Presented by: Yvon Audette, National Leader, IT Advisory, KPMG LLP

Organizations of all sizes and sectors are facing rapidly evolving external forces (e.g., political, economic, competitive, technological, social, etc.).  Some of these could threaten the very existence of the traditional business models.  Winning organizations remain ahead of the competition by constantly evolving their business models and the ways in which they engage with their customers.

Human-Centric Analytics

KEYNOTE: Human-Centric Analytics - Big Data, Micro-Influence and theSearch for Meaning 

Presented by: Rahaf Harfoush, Digital Anthropologist and Best Selling Author

Technology is dramatically impacting the way leaders shape their organizations. At a micro level, social platforms are giving individuals today access to an unprecedented level of reach and influence enabling them to take on some of the most powerful institutions – and win.

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The New CIO Imperative

BREAKOUT: The New CIO Imperative:  Recapturing Lost Productivity by Changing the Way People Work

Presented by: Rodney Rock, Senior Solution Consulting Manager, ServiceNow

A recent study found that common, inefficient work processes are costing enterprises nearly 2 days per week per employee.  For an average firm with 5,000 employees, this equates to 4 million hours a year of lost productivity. 

Join ServiceNow Director, Rodney Rock as he shares insights on: