NetIQ is a global enterprise software provider that helps companies use the Power of Identity* to solve their most pressing security and access challenges, while providing comprehensive tools to manage today*s hybrid IT environments. Using our solutions for identity and access management, security and data center management, our customers and partners can survive and thrive today and in the future by gaining the competitive advantage that comes from understanding, maintaining and making sense of the shifting relationships between individuals, devices, behaviors and technology services. Our Identity-Powered Solutions help our customers secure, manage and measure the things that matter. From simplifying access to the applications that users need*in the cloud or from mobile devices*to identifying security breaches and quickly moving to appropriate remediation. From granting and revoking access to applications and data quickly and easily to understanding what privileged users are actually doing with their root-level access*even to addressing governance and compliance requirements through automation.
By doing all of these things and more, our customers are able to provide strategic value at the speed of business.  Learn more about our award-winning software solutions at