Brandon Partners is a global training firm that cultivates the cutting edge leadership competencies of Organizational, Political, and Interpersonal Savvy.
Since so few proven programs constructively address organizational politics and positive power, we made high-integrity political savvy and strategic influence our core business. Brandon Partners is the preeminent thought leader on transforming organizational politics from a taboo topic into an ethical, intriguing, and motivating force for individual and organizational effectiveness.
Since 1998, we have grounded hundreds of thousands of employees and leaders within scores of Fortune 500 companies in positive political skills and strategic influence with:
- Workshops (1 or 2 days, behavioral, practice-driven, skill-based, high-energy courses)
- Trainer certifications,
- Our Wall Street Journal bestseller, Survival of the Savvy,
- Online Savvy Skills Assessments,
- Keynote presentations and Webinars
We also deliver courses on Straight Talk for Accountability and Results (STAR), an interpersonal savvy skill-building program, High Impact Presentations, Organizational Savvy for Women, Overcoming Power and Politics Pitfalls for Women, and Self-Talk, Self-Motivation, and the Accountability Mindset. 

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