2016 Event Review

CIOCAN Peer Forum 2016


Rise to the Challenge . . .Someone will!

If you are like most CIOs these days, you are probably thinking of ways to reinvent yourself and your function to increase the value you provide across your enterprise. You are not just enabling the business. You ARE the business. 

With many forces converging to shape the ICT industry, technology trends present wonderful opportunities but also significant challenges. How we rise to these challenges and opportunities determines how effectively we drive the growth of our businesses in these strategic areas:

  • Digital Innovation and social media to create opportunities for new revenue streams
  • Cybersecurity and unprecedented attacks pose new challenges for the CIO. Now more than ever before, CIOs need to master the language of the Board and be able to appropriately engage them. Equally important, CIOs should leverage this opportunity to take a seat at the board table closing a critical gap.
  • The proliferation of Big Data and Analytics provides the platform to personalize services to your customers to help drive a strengthened brand identity and spur new sources of revenue.
  • The concept of multi-tenancy is changing the way businesses will operate in the future.
  • Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) are our new best friends. They are the technology trends that are fueling fast and cost-effective commercial growth.

Are you ready to exploit these opportunities and channel them to propel your business, and your career, on the right side of history? Do you believe it is time to evolve your own role to one that champions innovation so that Digital Business becomes your business? Do you speak “Board talk” and are you able to address the board’s concerns about managing risk and security in non-technical terms? Do you want to be known as the Chief Innovation Officer in your company? If you answered Yes to any of these questions then the 2016 Peer Forum is your destination next spring. 

We, at the CIO Association of Canada, believe that this is not optional. We believe that CIOs should lead digital strategy, innovation and technology transformation. If we don’t, someone else will. 

Come join us as we learn from key thought leaders and practitioners about how to transform ourselves and Rise to the Challenge.


Sherif Sheta


Carlos Palacio

Chief Information Officer
Bayshore HealthCare
Co-Chair, CIO Peer Forum 2016

  Chief Information Technology
Co-Chair, CIO Peer Forum 2016