2017 Sessions

It's not about rewriting your software

Presented by: Paul Chapman

It's not about rewriting your software. It's about rewriting your company. 

To transform your company and complete in the digital age, you need to work like a digital company. But being a digital company is about much more than building an app and applying technology to your existing business. You have to go deeper, It requires a new operating mode, new business model, a different model of customer engagement and internal processes and IT systems you've relied on to get where you are today. Box CIO Paul Chapman will share lessons learned on how IT should be one of the key  strategic  change agents to power your move to digital.  

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The CIO Imperative: Journey to Lightspeed Enterprise

Presented by: Bob Osborn

What is the future of work in the enterprise?  Too many companies are stuck in the old model where requests, incidents, and HR cases get done via unstructured paths in emails, phone calls or texts. This approach constrains business velocity which is desperately needed to be competitive. The winners will operate and innovate faster than their competition. To succeed, organizations need to become a LightSpeed Enterprise.

This session will explore the journey to the LightSpeed Enterprise including frameworks around key goals and metrics, organizational implications and risks along with practical experience. 

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The Digital Journey and the Opportunity for CIOs

Presented by: Ian Cox

As a CIO, you have the opportunity to play a leading role in your organisation’s digital journey. If you take this chance, you will be creating a very different future for yourself as well as for your organisation. In this session, Ian will discuss the key steps of the digital journey and describe what the future will look like for CIOs that lead the way through these steps. He will also identify the actions that you can take now to ensure you capitalise on this opportunity and create your future CIO role.

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How to Create a Mindset of Enterprise Innovation

Presented by: Baba Shiv

Experimentation and failure are essential to innovation because, by its nature, an innovation is an unknown that can only be discovered through trial and error. How can organizations create and nurture a culture of innovation? How can you build momentum and show results?
Every organization today faces growing vulnerability of fading into irrelevance in terms of delivering value to its customers, investors, employees, etc.  Owing to this vulnerability, organizations need effective solutions to be prepared for potential opportunities and threats, both internal and external, and be acutely responsive to such opportunities and threats. Thus, the need for exemplary leadership has never been more important than it is today and this importance is only going to grow in the future.  

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True Cost of Digital Innovation – Urgency of a Multi-Dimensional Approach

Presented by: Bill Keyworth

As enterprises (and their CIOs & IT organizations) struggle with timely responses to new, accelerating digital competency requirements, the need for speed in creating digital capabilities has become critical. Digital Transformation is a team sport. Now is not the time to divide IT, but unify and leverage everyone in the face of new business and technical challenges. Many have experimented with two-speed, bimodal approaches and found them insufficient; at best, they drive CIOs to compound technical debt that will bankrupt the IT organization and hamstring the enterprise down the road. 
IDC’s quantifiable research identifies the priorities and best practices now being deployed by ‘thriving” IT organizations …and how these IT executives are actually transforming their business and becoming more cohesive, consistent and effective in delivering a new approach to IT leadership.  Bill Keyworth, IDC’s VP Research (Global) explains how the Leading in 3-D leadership model equips CIOs and their teams to simultaneously:
· Innovate within a cross-functional partnership to create digital innovation
· Integrate new technology platforms into stable, scaled, business services
· Incorporate new skills, techniques and culture into the existing fabric of the broader, at-scale enterprise


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Innovative Approach to Workforce Mobility

Presented by: David Booth

The City of Edmonton had invested heavily into Google office products by was not realizing the take up or benefits promised. Moreover, there were several competing workforce mobility projects. Enter OneCity workplace which consolidated the many disparate projects and products whilst changing the nature of these initiatives from technology focused to people focused by answering the question "what's in it for you".

In the subsequent 18 months the outcomes have been overwhelmingly successful and tranformative for the City of Edmonton

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Big Data, IoT and the Law: What you need to know

Presented by: Kelly Friedman

Big Data and the Internet of Things have arrived, and technology will continue to advance. At the same time, our needs for personal privacy and individual respect remain fundamental to who we are as human beings.  And then there is the law.  While there are no laws created specifically to deal with Big Data and the IoT, that doesn’t mean that the law has nothing to say about them.  
In this session, Kelly Friedman will discuss Big Data and the IoT from a legal perspective.  She will address “big picture” concerns about Big Data and consumer IoT, the current legal and regulatory framework to be applied, the distinction between privacy and security, and tools to move forward with Big Data and IoT projects with an acceptable level of risk.

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Take a Step Closer to the Future

Presented by: Benjamin Jacob and Jonathan Crane

How soon will it be before we can’t tell whether we are speaking with a human or a virtual agent?  The time separating sci-fi from reality is shrinking as we continue to move closer to a new era that re-defines the relationship between man and machine. 
Digital economies demand a digital workforce. Tomorrow’s businesses will be staffed with a combination of human and virtual labor. Hiring labour from the cloud in order to help manage the myriad of connections with your customers, colleagues and suppliers is fast becoming essential. How will you integrate these digital employees into your current workforce and processes? Who will manage these digital employees and ensure they help you outperform your competition?
Hear how AI can communicate on an emotional as well as factual level. Assess for yourself how deeply this technology will impact every process and drive you to re-invent your business.

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Innovation in Canadian Banking

Presented by: Dave Mowat and Glenn Kubish

Innovation is everywhere. And everyone has an opinion about what it is, what it isn’t, and what it means for you and your company. What isn’t quite as everywhere is the chance to go to the front lines and listen to the innovation story of an innovation leader in the Canadian financial sector. Dave and Glenn will discuss ATB Financial’s bold vision to modernize its entire banking system, the development of ATB’s innovation lab, the completion of the first successful Canadian international block-chain money transfer, and ATB’s approach to the innovation being delivered. And lived. 

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Approach to Digital Transformation

Presented by: Yvon Audette

Digital is not a thing, but is simply a word that describes our world today. Advancements in technology have blurred the lines between physical and virtual, creating an emergence of digital disruptors that provide new pathways for organizations to create value.

We believe digital is broad in its impact, but also industry-specific. It goes far beyond the front office to facilitate true enterprise-wide business transformation so organizations can build sustainable competitive advantage. While we understand that embracing digital may present its own challenges, we view disruptors as enablers rather than inhibitors, allowing businesses the opportunity to innovate, transform and thrive. 

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The Role of CIOs : An Evolving Reality

Presented by: Carlos Carreiro

While organizations are facing fundamental disruptions with digital transformation, the role of CIOs will change, just like their business reality. What will the CIO's focus be moving forward? Mr. Carreiro will walk us through the challenges that await CIOs over the coming years, the evolution of their role within the organization, and our redefining environment.

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Secret Weapons and CMO Insights for Creating a Digital Business

Presented by: Ray Gilbert & Lance Walter

Success for creating a digital business demands the collaboration of three main players: the CMO, CIO, and CHRO.   This team recognizes that a focus on customer, user and employee digital experiences is fast becoming the “new brand”.   Customers and staff expect omni-channel and convenient access for all business functions and regard this as an “entitlement” – shaped by their daily consumer digital experiences with a wide array of organizations.    

Creating this environment requires enhanced end to end management of digital experiences.  You will learn about the strategies and capabilities that the CIO and CMO can bring forward to support the enterprise’s digital ecosystem. Understand a CMO’s perspective on how product marketers in mature startups plan, assess and implement successful product replacement strategies that target incumbents and disrupt markets.  Hear how CMOs and CIOs need to work together as a “mature startup”, and also see a demonstration of one of the key tools CIOs should consider and evaluate as part of their digital transformation portfolio.  This demonstration will highlight a breakthrough platform to efficiently simplify, prototype and tailor processes while leveraging the existing infrastructure and accelerating your ability to transform into a digital business.

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Leading IT transformation into an Industry Disruption

Presented by: Jay Vijayan

Experience and learnings of a CIO, leading IT in one of the fastest growing and most disruptive companies in the world today.  Jay will share insights about building the software and systems ground up at an extremely rapid pace, while keeping up with the growth of the company that was rapidly disrupting an entire industry.  .

The Risks Behind the Rewards: What Digital Transformation means for Cyber Security

Presented by: Julie Cullivan

From computers that learn without programming to AI assistants that automate our work and home lives, digitizing does more than increase connectivity. It also gives threat actors more opportunities and attack surfaces to disrupt our businesses and our personal lives. Learn how to minimize risk by leveraging intelligence-led security operations approach.

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